Ladies Wimbledon 2020 Predictions

By . Thursday, 16th January, 2020.
Ladies Wimbledon 2020

Who Will Win The Wimbledon Ladies Championship?

The Women’s Tennis Association will hold the Wimbledon Ladies Championship in London, England on July 11th, 2020. Events are anticipated to begin at 11:00 am and continue until 6:00 pm. The All England Club in London has held the Grand Slam event since 1877. It’s considered the world’s most famous tennis court, with use of the court being available exclusively to Wimbledon.

Broadcast live on the BBC Network, covered for the Wimbledon Ladies Championship begins on June 29th, with live matches slated to appear on three separate channels; BBC Red Button, BBC1 and BBC2. The Wimbledon Association, which began selling tickets for this year’s tournament today, will provide worldwide coverage through a Livestream aptly name “Today at Wimbledon”. 

Nightly match analysis and highlights will be provided at nightfall through this specialized Livestream. With respect to those living in America, coverage will be offered via ESPN1 and ESPN2, while in Canada, coverage will be provided by TSN.

The Top Female Competitors 

Below we have provided a detailed analysis of the five female competitors for the Women’s Tennis Association. We’ve accounted for their most recent matches from the 2019 season as part of our analysis.

  • Bianca Andreescu – This Canadian superstar acquired her first Grand Slam title last year. Since that event at last year’s Wimbledon Single’s for the women, Bianca has had to defend her title. It’s proven to be a challenge, with injuries to the left-knee proving disastrous. Moving forward, Bianca is spending a prolonged period healing previous injuries to account for Wimbledon 2020. Subsequently, the increased defence will put individuals like Serena Williams or Naomi Osako in a challenging position. 
  • Serena Williams – She’s defined the Women’s Tennis Association, competing at levels that no other athlete has mimicked. However, recently Serena Williams began to lose her admiration for Tennis. It prompted her to be defeated at four back-to-back grand glam events. The mother proved herself capable of acquiring a championship victory by winning the Auckland – Australian Open. This marked her first victory in three years, leading analysts to believe that 2020 could be a comeback year for Serena. 
  • Naomi Osako – This WTA competitor has a struggling and defining season throughout the 2018-19 seasons. Naomi Osaka obtained her first Grand Slam title at the 2018 Australian Open, but immediately saw a decline in 2019 at Wimbledon. She lost her championship-reign and returned to the Japanese circuit. Afterwards, two titles were won back-to-back in Asia. Subsequently, Naomi Osaka has a formidable chance at winning the 2020 Wimbledon Ladies Championship. Composure is critical. 
  • Ashleigh Barty – Supporters in Australia hope that Ashleigh Barty will acquire the 2020 Wimbledon Ladies Championship. She’s a formidable athlete who’s played professional cricket and Tennis, with two Grand Slam events under her belt. Analysts anticipate that Barty with be Bianca Andreescu and Serena Williams most significant component. She’s placed 2nd in the rankings but has experienced one loss moving into 2020. How Barty reacts at Wimbledon 2020 remains to be seen.
  • Simona Halep – Injuries can be detrimental to any athlete’s career, ask Simona Halep. She experienced a substantial lower-vertebrae spinal injury after becoming a two-time Grand Slam champion. Her injury occurred early in 2019, with a healing period of 14 months. This means Simona can re-appear at Wimbledon 2020, with analysts anticipating that Halep won’t have the required ferocity to win another Grand Slam. 

Final Thoughts 

Compiling the evidence throughout 2019 and 2020 seasons, it’s evident to tell that Ashleigh Barty and Serena Williams will most likely be the dominating competitors. We anticipate that these two ladies will make the last single’s event on July 12th, with Barty winning by a minimal percentage. There’s always the factor of Bianca Andreescu but her previous injuries could re-appear, similar to the 2020 Australian Open, where she was forced to resign in the first round. For Serena Williams to win the 2020 Wimbledon Ladies Championship, she will need to break the defensive line of Ashleigh Barty, a task few WTA competitors have accomplished. 

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